Thursday, July 31, 2008

You Won't Believe This

I've tried to think of all sorts of funny shit to say about this one. I just keep typing and hitting backspace because nothing I can think of does justice to the hilarious level of stupidity achieved by the subject in the video. Just watch it, it speaks for itself.

Special thanks to Change100 for posting this over on Pot Committed.

I know all I've been doing is posting funny shit I've seen lately. That's because I have nothing to say about poker. For some reason my mind just isn't in it and my results certainly show that. For what it's worth I won 500 bones in a $50 online tourney the other night, lost half of it already, got raped at Harrah's in Nawlins', won some money in a few cash games, lost every race I've been in for 6 months, see people catch up to my straights with the same straight, a better one, or a flush, sweat my balls off, drink cheap beer, unsucessfully quit smoking, and generally play like I'm on 4 valiums waiting for a flight to Haiti.

Oh, that and I was busy for 2 months building a race car. The race was last weekend. Now THAT was fricken fun. Article to follow, in the meantime a teaser pic...