Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pick 6!

Yeah, it's been forever and a day since I've put anything up, and even much longer since I've posted anything worth reading. But the greatest franchise in sports notching Super Bowl win #6 obviously merits a return to the digital canvas. And, unlike the drama - devoid manner in which they cruised to SB win #5 three years ago, thankfully they screwed up just enough to make it a nail biter.

With a 10 point lead early in the 2nd half, I was starting to look around for someone to pass the time with $5 games of 9-ball. But, much to the ratings mavens and sports writers' delight, late in the 3rd quarter the Steelers stopped dancing who they came with and began to leave the middle of the field wide open for Larry Fitzgerald to wreak havoc among our secondary, the painted end zone grass, and the collective blood pressure of millions of Iron City swilling hard working Americans. Hmmmm, I remember throughout the playoffs seeing mayhem in the form of a myriad of exotic blitzes, where 6 or 7 guys coming from who-the-hell-knows-where routinely pummeled the opposing quarterback into well ground turf nuggets. Was Warner's quick release and the quality of the Arizona WRs enough to warrant rushing only 3 or 4 in an effort to negate the big play? How the hell should I know, I'm no Dick LeBeau, I'm just a guy from central PA with a poorly funded gambling habit and an voracious need to vicariously live through the acts of professional sports figures. I live in a cave, for chrissakes!

All I know is next thing we're down 23-20 and I'm shittin' bricks. The pool cue is in the rack, the Terrible Towel is in a white knuckle clutch, and the Sierra Nevadas are goin' down in alarming numbers. And I'm looking at Luckbox and she's showing a nervousness that I seldom ever see. The root cause undoubtedly a rather large bet on the Steelers -7 which she wisely hedged with an even larger bet on the money line. Me, I couldn't bring myself to bet on this game. The money line odds were shit, and I couldn't bear to bet the spread. The worst case scenario being the Steelers win but don't cover, and I have to sit there trying to figure out a way to be happy about it.

And, as you saw, that's exactly what happened. I went 3 for 3 betting on championship Sunday, won a donkey fest tournament later that night at the Luxor, and subsequently lost it all the next night in one hand at the Venetian. I wasn't about to let some mindless wagering get in my way of a good time. If the Steelers win, I'm dancin' on clouds, ridin' the range, and punchin' them dogies. If they lose, I'm finding a well traveled interstate on which to play hop-scotched whilst waiting to eat the business end of a west bound 18 wheeler.

You saw what happened. Ben threw to the "my guy or no guy" zone and Holmes made a catch that justifies the all the money he'll make his entire career. As incredible as that was, I believe that Harrison's 100 yard pick 6 to end the first half was the greatest play in Super Bowl history. Think about it. The Cardinals are about to take the lead, or at least tie the game, and more importantly, seize the momentum going into the 2nd half. Instead, this 265 lb freak steps up at the goal line, picks it off, runs the length of the field, and crosses the goal line by 2 inches with NO TIME left on the clock. If he gets tackled at the 1 it's a meaningless play. He knew it, and he showed us again why he is the Defensive Player of the Year.

Okay, enough ranting. Back to poker. I won a freeroll 54 man sitn'go at 3 am this morning while eating a bowl of ice cream. The next time something good happens on the felt, I swear I'll be back to say something.


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